The Comprehensive Subject-To Masterclass (2-Day Course)

Presented by Sub2Empire's creative finance experts, discover the complete process and logistics of buying real estate "subject-to," along with the required paperwork for this creative financing strategy.

Learn our iron-clad deal structuring methods to ensure protection and "win-win" outcomes for all parties involved, demonstrated through real-world case studies.

What you'll learn:

 Our finely tuned process for getting          Subject-To deals under contract

 How to ensure that you're only working with sellers that qualify for Subject-To deals

 Interactive lessons on how to handle seller objections

 Evaluating Subject-To deals for minimal headaches and maximum profits

 Subject-To purchase agreement

 Our "how to handle" seller objections scripts

 Due diligence checklists and profitability calculator

 Our trust agreement and associated trust creation checklist and so much more!

 Course inclusions:

◉ 14-hours of in depth, on-demand video

◉ 6 downloadable Subject-To contracts & resources

◉ Full-time access

◉ Mobile & Desktop compatible

2-Day Course Curriculum

Day 1 Coverage

  • Current market conditions and the role "subject-to" plays
  • How to find subject-to deals
  • Overcoming sellers objections to subject-to
  • Sub2 documents -  an overview of proper disclosures for your subject-to deals
  • Interactive completion of ALL subject-to paperwork
  • Sub2 deal evaluation

Day 2 Coverage

  • Sub2 due diligence
  • Entity structure (trusts vs. LLCs)
  • Interactive completion of all trust documentation
  • Real estate business management strategies
  • Putting it all together - real world subject-to case studies
  • How to work with and close more deals with Sub2Empire!
  • Taking the next steps

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