Transaction Management for your creative deals

Get the help you need with structuring and closing your creatively financed deals

We'll provide you options and walk you through the safest, least risky way to purchase your deal creatively and then get your deal to the closing table with all of the correct paperwork in order. Additionally, we'll help you structure the safest insurance policy to protect your newly acquired asset at no additional charge.

Work With Us!

  • We'll properly structure your deal to maximize your ROI 
  • We'll build the best insurance policy to protect your new asset 
  • We'll get your deal to the closing table, GUARANTEED!
  • We'll handle all of the paperwork

Are you interested in selling your deal to us? We want to buy your wholesale deals. We buy with cash, subject-to or any other seller financed deals. We also have a massive buyer's list and a large student pool looking for deals all over the country.

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