The Comprehensive Subject-To Masterclass (2-Day Course)

Presented by Sub2Empire's creative finance experts, discover the complete process and logistics of buying real estate "subject-to," along with the required paperwork for this creative financing strategy.

Learn our iron-clad deal structuring methods to ensure protection and "win-win" outcomes for all parties involved, demonstrated through real-world case studies.

It's time to take the intimidation factor out of Subject-To Real Estate Investing. This advanced course will answer the big questions that are on your mind about subject-to investing and leave you with a clear understanding of the Subject-To process.

Sub2Empire - The Comprehensive Subject-To Master Class

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Our finely tuned process for getting Subject-To deals under contract
  • How to ensure that you're only working with sellers that qualify for Subject-To deals
  • Interactive lessons on how to handle seller objections
  • Evaluating Subject-To deals for minimal headaches and maximum profits
  • How to complete a Subject-To purchase agreement
  • Our "how to handle" seller objections scripts
  • Due diligence checklists and profitability calculator
  • Our trust agreement and associated trust creation checklist and so much more!

This Course Includes:

  • 14-hours of in depth, on-demand video recorded from the live class
  • 17 downloadable documents & resources
  • 24/7 access to training
  • Mobile and TV friendly formats

Here's what our students have to say about our courses...

Drew Davis. - Phoenix, AZ 
Freda Group

I knew some things about creative financing and deal structure, but after working with Sub2Empire, it was like, "oh, you really didn't know anything about creative financing!". Everything I thought I knew was either rumor based or incomplete. Their explanation of all the different strategies was so clear and concise that it opened my eyes and I could visualize a creative deal from start to finish.

Michael Hornes

Sub2Empire has been very helpful and knowledgeable about structuring creative deals. They take you step by step through his process. Nice work!

Jason & Joey Strange

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