close more deals through the power of creative financing

Unlock hidden deals in your real estate investing business through our beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses, or get on board with our elite-level creative finance mentorship program, the Sub2Empire Creative Finance Academy. 

Sub2Empire - Close more deals through the power of creative financing.
Sub2Empire - Grow your real estate and financial intelligence.

Grow your real estate and financial intelligence

Understand alternative funding sources, financial instruments, deal structuring, market trends, and seek expert guidance to unlock opportunities and optimize financial strategies.

Sub2Empire documents, contracts and resources

Documents, resources, mentorship and more

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, our platform provides the tools and support you need to thrive in the world of creative financing and real estate investing. 

Sub2Empire courses made for all investor levels

Courses made for ALL levels

Our expertly crafted courses cater to beginners and seasoned investors alike, making creative financing strategies accessible to everyone.

Sub2Empire Community

Join a community of supportive individuals

A Vibrant Community of Real Estate Enthusiasts Awaits! Purchase a course and gain access to  the SubHub Community, where you'll connect with supportive individuals, exchange insights, and embark on a collaborative journey towards real estate success.

Let's walk you through your Creative Financing Journey!

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Subject-To Investing

2-Day Subject-To

Power Course

THE Comprehensive "Subject-To"


The Ultimate

REI Blueprint

The Sub2Empire Creative

Finance Academy

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Creative Financing Journey?

I knew some things about creative financing and deal structure, but after working with Jeff, it was like, "oh, you really didn't know anything about creative financing!". Everything I thought I knew was either rumor based or incomplete. His explanation of all the different strategies was so clear and concise that it opened my eyes and I could visualize a creative deal from start to finish.

Michael Hornes

I just got done listening to a presentation from Jeff training on stage about what he knows best. It's the subject-to process for property acquisitions. Jeff personally helped me out in the very first subject to deal, and that property's still cash following us to this day, over four hundred dollars a month!

Drew Davis

The amount of experience that these gentlemen bring is second to none. Jeff is a mastermind whenever it comes to creating very unique and creative ways to structure a deal and providing an enormous amount of exit strategies. And the support he provides along the way is just top tier.

Jacob Underwood

Meet Your Coaches

Knowledgeable and competent instructors are going to be the key people to lean on when you make the decision to jump into real estate investing and wholesaling. We won't do the work for you. That's not what a good coach does. We will guide you through each and every deal while helping to reduce your risk exposure.

Sub2 Empire - Master Creative Financing

Jeff Coffman

Ken Rossics

Hans Mościcki

Join the SubHub Community

A vibrant community of Real Estate Investors awaits! 

Purchase any course and gain access to exclusive private SubHub community. This is our very own PRIVATE community where you'll connect with supportive individuals, exchange insights, and embark on a collaborative journey towards real estate success.

We're a community of entrepreneurs, real estate investors, creative finance experts, and mentors to aspiring real estate investors and entrepreneurs across the United States. We have built systems inside our own businesses that integrate a dynamic mix of traditional investing with creative real estate acquisition strategies. We're "out of the box" thinkers and teaching others how to be successful in this business has been, and continues to be, the highlight of our careers.

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