Stop Trying To Do It All

Would you like MORE time to focus ON your business instead of working IN your business?

  • Have all of your most time-consuming tasks completed for you so you have MORE time for income producing activities.
  • Start accomplishing more for your business without working more.
  • Avoid the most common hiring challenges and start instead working with Virtual Assistants DEDICATED to you and the success of your business.
  • Outsource your social media, your lead generation, cold-calling, property research, data scraping, tenant screening, blog writing, transaction coordination.
  • tons more tasks.

Now you can scale efficiently and literally buy more time-freedom for your real estate investing business with trained Virtual Assistants from REVA GLOBAL

“Next thing I knew I had acquisitions off of my plate, I had marketing off of my plate, I had transaction coordinating off of my plate…”

“Outsourcing is necessary for the level of business that I want to do… A lot of it is busy work that is necessary, but not the highest and best use of my time.”

“I’ve closed 4 deals in a matter of 5 weeks… So I highly recommend them” 

“I would rather have a quality VA that is trained in real estate specific tasks…” 

“REVA Global has everything you need even if your needs are beyond just real estate investing…”

“Within a week’s time, we were able to have that lead manager up and running handling all of our leads…”

“We’re right on the edge of hiring another VA because the volume of our company is growing…”

“The system at REVA Global is just setup for success. REVA trains their personnel very well, they facilitate a great experience for their customer”

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