2-Day Subject-To Power Course

If you've already completed our "Introduction to Subject-To Investing" course, or have a solid grasp of subject-to investing, this 2-day course is tailored for investors like you, offering valuable practical implementation tips.

What you'll learn:

 Review of Subject-to basics

 Expanded analysis of legal issues

     with Subject-To 

 Pros and Cons of acquiring      

     properties Subject-To

 In-depth information on the

     Due on Sale Clause

 Deep dive into the numbers on

     Subject-To  deals

 Entity structure for your

     Subject-To Deals

 The Trust Method vs. the LLC Method

 How to properly insure Subject-To Deals

 Course inclusions:

◉16-hours of on-demand video

◉ 12 downloadable resources

◉ Full-time access

◉ Mobile & Desktop compatible

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