We Want To Buy Your Deals!

Looking for buyer for your deal? Sell it to us. We buy with cash and creative financing. 

In addition to our buying activities, we have a massive buyers list and students from coast-to-coast that are looking to buy your deals and our industry leading deal splits are beyond fair.
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Sell Your Deals To Us!

  • We want to buy your wholesale deals. We'll buy with cash, subject-to or any other seller financed deals.
  • Sell directly to us if you have any deals in MO, TN, OH, IN, GA & FL. 
  • We'll take care of all the paperwork
  • If we don't buy your deal, we can help you sell it.
    (60/40 profit split in YOUR FAVOR!)
  • We also have a large student buyer pool and a massive network of buyers across the United States

Want to keep your creative finance deal but don't know how to structure it or what paperwork you'll need to get it to the closing table? No worries because we also Joint Venture with wholesalers and investors to get them the best ROI for there creatively financed buy and hold or flip deal.

Click HERE to get started with our JV program.

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