The Ultimate Creative

REI Blueprint

The Ultimate Creative REI Blueprint: A 2-day workshop for experienced deal-makers seeking to systematize and take their real estate investing business to the next level.

Get the exact blueprint we use in our own successful real estate investing businesses, and witness its real world application on deals from start to finish, led by the Sub2Empire experts. That's right - real people doing real deals.

What you'll learn:

 How to market for creative leads

 Qualifying sellers for creative deal structures

 Getting creative deals under contract

 Evaluating creative deals

 Creative disposition strategies

 Closing creative deals

 Selling notes (the deal after the deal)

 Real world case studies using blueprint steps

 Course inclusions:

◉ 16-hours of on-demand video

◉ 12 downloadable resources

◉ Full-time access

◉ Mobile & Desktop compatible

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