Manage Your Rehabs Like A Pro

Are you fed up with losing money  on your rehab projects?

Implement a construction management system that works FOR your rehabbing business and put and end to unpredictable results and unpredictable profits. 

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Introducing Rehabbr..

A Complete Construction Management System Built For Real Estate Investors Like You

  • Estimate Repairs Like A Pro And Build Your "Cost Library"
  • Seamlessly Manage Contractors And Subcontractors
  • Complete Rehab Projects On Time And On Budget!

Here's Why Your Renovation Projects Are A Mess

Many real estate investors and house flippers suffer from the idea that rehabbing a house is as easy as writing a checklist on a couple of sheets of notebook paper and then marking items off the list as they are completed. While this simple method may work for a brief period of time, this is NOT a sustainable strategy for scaling your business. Eventually, this system will break down and chaos will ensue causing setbacks and missed deadlines that will lead to greater holding costs and, ultimately, lower profits. 

The biggest problem you face right now is that your vision for your project is not being effectively communicated to the men and women that you rely upon to get the work done without something falling through the cracks and being overlooked. We see it every day. These types of setbacks literally extract profits directly from your pocket and your bottom line.

Even worse, the tradesmen and women that you hire will undoubtedly become frustrated at your inability to organize the project, and no one likes working for someone who can't provide the needed direction to successfully complete their work. To be blunt, your contractors and subcontractors need a leader, and you're not i

Running an efficient and effective job site is the key to making money flipping houses. 

Enter Rehabbr...

Rehabbr is a Construction Management System built for house flippers who want to maximize their profits and  their time.

Rehabbr is a turn key Construction Management System that will help you professionally organize and plan all of your rehab projects so that they run like clockwork, saving you time, money and sanity while eliminating guesswork and providing your crew of contractors and subcontractors a clear path to implement your vision. 

The Rehabbr System Helps You...
  • Organize your rehab project in order of operations...
  • Guide contractors and subcontractors through the vision that you have created for your project...
  • Quickly determine and maintain a budget...
  • Establish and maintain timelines...
  • Make more money per project than ever before...

By the way...

Right now you might be asking... who am I to help you with rehabbing houses? The answer is, well, technically I'm nobody.

But this guy is...

You see, construction management systems have been widely used in the commercial construction industry for decades. Rehabbr was developed and adapted to the residential real estate space by professional real estate investor and house flipper, Craig Smith. Craig started his journey in the construction industry before even graduating high school, but his professional roots lie in commercial real estate development and construction where he began his career after getting his Bachelors Degree in Construction Management in 2007.

Today, Craig owns and operates one of the most successful house flipping companies in his home market of St. Louis, Missouri with over 50 completed residential rehabs under his belt. 

And by the way, Craig doesn't just manage people! If you visit one of his projects, you will likely find him rubbing elbows with his staff of expert tradesmen and women.

Here's the bottom line. The Rehabbr Construction Management System will help you  clearly communicate your vision to your crew and team of contractors saving you time and money on your rehab projects . Once implemented into your business, you will begin seeing results immediately with very little refinement required.

Here's what you'll get in the Rehabbr system

  1. 1
    Master Project Checklist
  2. 2
    Property Repair Estimator
  3. 3
    Independent Contractor Agreements
  4. 4
    Video "How To" Training Library
  5. 5
    Over 40 Scope of Work Templates
  6. 6
    All Content Delivered in MS Word Format

Every rehab project presents unique challenges.  You may need a completely new electrical system on one project, but only a couple of electrical outlets on another. Now you can effectively communicate with your electrician the exact repairs that are needed. Rehabbr allows you to scale your efforts to the level of work needed on your specific project. This is why we have included templates for every scope of work under the sun.

Need concrete repaired? Use the Concrete Flatwork Scope. Need new drywall? Grab and edit the Drywall Scope template to suit your needs. Once you have gathered all of the needed scopes of work, simply place them in your 3-ring binder according to the Order of Operations in the Master Project Checklist. BOOM!

A Scope of Work For Every Trade

Before I started using the Rehabbr Construction Management System, nearly 100% of my rehab projects were over deadline, and over budget. I thought I was doing everything right, but I was always left scratching my head wondering where my profits had gone and why I wasn't making the type of money that I knew I should. This happened time and time again. It was so frustrating that I though about quitting. I just thought I wasn't good enough to make it in this business.

And then I met Craig. 

He showed me how to systematize my rehabbing business through this very tool. I am not embellishing one tiny bit when I tell you that I saw results instantly. I started to take notice that my contractors were becoming more productive, I stopped getting a million phone calls per day and I my profits instantly increased. What an incredible tool!

Turn your rehabbing business around with Rehabbr.

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