List Stacking On Steroids

Laser Target Your Motivated Leads

Building lists for direct mail, cold calling, or whatever marketing channel your using can get really expensive. But now you can hold on to Those Marketing Dollars Through List Stack Filtering and Fulfillment with Property List Manager!

From the company that invented list stacking technology, Property List Manager is a cloud-based property list stack filtering and fulfillment service that helps Real Estate Investors save time and money by pinpointing leads within their lists with a higher probability of wanting to sell their home fast.

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Standard Features

All Property List Manager packages include the following.

  • Unlimited Lists, Event Tagging and Exports
  • Over 35 Filters with Date Range Support
  • Property Address Validation to Prevent Duplicates
  • Absentee Filtering and USPS Vacancy Check
  • Skip Tracing As Low As 12 Cents
  • Wholesale Pricing on Direct Mail
  • Live Monthly Strategic Webinars
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group
  • Full Set of Online Tutorials and Unparalleled Support

Fulfillment Options

Members receive greatly reduced wholesale rates.


As low at 40 cents each card

Skip Tracing

As low as 12 cents each successful trace


As low as 65 cents each letter

Email or Phone Append

As low as 4 cents each append

DNC Scrubbing

As low as 1 cent each scrub

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets and Let PLM Handle It.

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