Hans Moscicke - Blackfoot Properties

We're really excited about the future of our business thanks to the Sub2 Empire Apprentice Program

- Hans Moscicke

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Jacob Underwood

Approved Property Buyers

The amount of experience that these gentlemen bring is second to none. Jeff is a mastermind whenever it comes to creating very unique and creative ways to structure a deal and providing an enormous amount of exit strategies. And the support he provides along the way is just top tier.

Gerardo Rivera


I just want to say thank you to Jeff Coffman. He helped me out on a deal that otherwise I would have just passed on. I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to learn and be educated about how to close deals other than the traditional way to head him up, it's worth the money. It's worth the investment. He's super helpful and willing to work with you whatever situation you have

I strongly recommend you hit him up. He knows what he's doing. He's the man!

Joey & Jason Strange

Joey & Jason Strange

Top Gun Home Solutions

Jeff has been very helpful and knowledgeable about structuring creative deals. He takes you step by step through his process. Nice work!


Michael Hornes

Independent Investor, Washington D.C.

I knew some things about creative financing and deal structure, but after working with Jeff, it was like, oh, you really didn't know anything about creative financing! Everything I thought I knew was either rumor based or incomplete. His explanation of all the different strategies was so clear and concise that it opened my eyes and I could visualize a creative deal from start to finish.

I can now see how creative financing is applicable in my business.


Drew Davis

Freda Group

I just got done listening to a presentation from Jeff training on stage about what he knows best. It's the subject to process for property acquisitions. If you do not know about it, ask Jeff because he's the expert.

Jeff personally helped me out in the very first subject to deal, and that property's still cash following us to this day, over four hundred dollars a month!


Vick Ghotra

Independent Investor from Buffalo, NY

Jeff knows how to turn a deal, that 99% of all investors would throw in the garbage, into an absolute money maker because of his creative strategies.

I've built a small empire of thirty properties just from the skills that he taught me.

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