Are you ready to become a successful Real Estate Investor?

Welcome to the  Sub2 Empire Group Apprentice Program

The Opportunity

Real estate investing is the perfect small business. Your business can be small enough to avoid prohibitive overhead costs and management expenses, but large enough that you can gain more freedom, flexibility and wealth without having to work "in" the business like many small business owners have to today.

There has never been a better time in history to make money through real estate.

Our mission at Sub2 Empire is to teach you how to make sound investment decisions so that you can close more deals, make more money and have more freedom. Period! We are looking for coachable, trainable people to mentor to financial freedom through real estate investing in a community based environment.

Right now is your chance to join the apprentice program that is helping real estate investors across the country become independent, successful business owners without sacrificing every waking hour to achieve their income goals.

The Power Of Group Learning

Dozens of studies have confirmed that groups that are comprised of diverse individuals from a multitude of backgrounds have the ability to solve complex problems much more effectively than the individual. A key reason for the group's effectiveness is what is known as "shared cognitive load" (e.g. retrieval, attention, hypothesis formulation and testing). Simply stated, the combined brain power that groups apply to a problem or task is substantially greater than that applied by any one individual.

Sub2 Empire's Group Apprentice Program harnesses the power of the collective group's thoughts and ideas, and combines it with exceptional leadership to help guide and direct the individual business owner to make sound business and investment decisions. 

How Do You Benefit?

Learn a Skill that you can use anywhere in the world you go as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. As a result, there is no limit to what you can accomplish if you're willing to learn. Once your skills reach a level where you no longer need a mentor. 

Buy More Time freedom. People say that you can't buy time, but that is 100% false. However, you can buy time IF you can stop trading your time for dollars (a.k.a. a JOB). Owning your own real estate investing business is the perfect vehicle to give you the opportunity to buy some of your time back.

Gain True Financial Intelligence. Making good investment decisions is a learned skill, but once you know the formula for making these decisions you will be able to smell a great investment opportunity from a mile away and know exactly how and when to capitalize on it through the numbers.

Transform Your Life. Once your skills reach a level where you no longer need a mentor, you can then take the skills that you've learned through our partnership with you forever! This education is something that no one can take from you.

Simple Pricing Structure




  • Group learning environment 
  • Two recorded weekly coaching calls
  • Emergency coaching line
  • Funding for deals
  • Contract library ($3,000 value)
  • Access to all digital content ($1,000 value)
  • No long-term contracts - cancel anytime
  • ...much more!

Private Coaching Also Available! 

Looking for a real estate investing mentor, but want a more personal touch to help you reach your financial goals even faster? Then consider joining the Sub2 Empire Apprentice Program as a private student!

Meet  the perfect recipe for taking your real estate investing business to heights you never thought were possible.

As a private student, you'll combine all of the benefits of a group coaching student with weekly individualized, personal coaching, goal setting, instruction and accountability. Our private, one-on-one coaching program is the best in the business. Your transformation into a creative real estate investing machine starts on day one with an in-depth evaluation of your personality, current business practices and knowledge about this incredible business venture that you're undertaking. We are going to take everything you thought you knew about real estate investing and turn it upside down and inside out so that we can build a custom plan of action to move your business, and your life, forward. 

Our mission? That's simple.

We are 100% dedicated to getting you more deals. Period.

We're going to show you new and exciting ways to close deals that you previously wouldn't have taken a second look at and teach you the art of buying real estate using creative deal structures and alternative financing methods.

When you're ready to jump start your real estate investing career with personalized one-on-one coaching...

(Limited Availability)