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Meet the Team

Jeff Coffman - Sub2Empire

Jeff Coffman

Jeff is a Marine Corps Veteran, entrepreneur, real estate investor, creative finance expert, and mentor to aspiring real estate investors across the United States. Jeff integrates a dynamic mix of traditional investing advice and education with creative real estate strategies to help investors build and grow their brands and businesses.

Jeff utilizes a blend of strategic online and offline marketing tactics in his daily activities as owner of his Missouri based real estate investment firm, Missouri Sell Now. He credits his success to out of the box thinking. His philosophies on real estate investing can be summed up with the axiom "Creative First" and his methods are available for all to learn through his mentorship program here at Sub2Empire. Jeff is an avid outdoorsman and "foodie". When he is not helping others achieve their financial objectives, he can usually be found at the local Mexican restaurant with his wife or dreaming up his next outdoor adventure.

Ken is highly successful real estate investor with nearly 25 years of experience and millions of dollars in transactions including buy and hold properties, renovations, lease options, seller financing, note creation/investing, tax sale investing, and even international real estate ownership.

Ken has spent countless hours obtaining advanced and strategic knowledge in numerous areas of real estate investing. His knowledge and experience in real estate propelled him to early retirement at the age of 45, but he didn't rest on his laurels. Instead, Ken redirected his efforts and has devoted his life to helping the next generation of investors become better every day.

Ken is also a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur with numerous operating businesses in the real estate space as well as his other life-long passions of traveling and health and wellness where he is also a published author.

Ken Rossics - Sub2Empire

Ken Rossics

Hans Moscicke

Hans quit his job and started wholesaling houses in 2020. It was a "must win" situation for him. Hans joined our mentorship program in November of 2020 and in 12 months he had purchased 15 single family homes using our Sub2 to Seller-Finance model.

"We're really excited about the future of our business thanks to the Sub2Empire Creative Finance Academy."

~Hans Moscicke


Why choose real estate over other types of investments?

Investing in real estate offers a multitude of benefits that can lead to a more secure financial future.

One of the primary advantages is the potential for generating passive income through buy and hold properties. This income can cover the costs of the mortgage, taxes, insurance, and other property-related expenses, often with surplus funds that contribute to your monthly cash flow. Moreover, real estate investments come with various tax incentives. Property owners can take advantage of deductions for mortgage interest, operating expenses, property taxes, and repairs. Additionally, depreciation can be used as a tax deduction, allowing investors to offset income and save money over the long term.

Property value appreciation is another compelling reason to invest in real estate. Over time, well-chosen properties can increase in value, which means that when you decide to sell, you can potentially make a significant profit. This appreciation, coupled with ongoing maintenance and strategic upgrades, can substantially boost your overall return on investment.

Equity buildup is an often overlooked but critical aspect of real estate investment. Each mortgage payment can increase the equity you have in a property, which strengthens your financial standing. This equity can then be leveraged to acquire more properties, expanding your investment portfolio and further enhancing your ability to generate wealth.

Lastly, having a knowledgeable and experienced real estate coach can amplify these benefits. A coach can provide guidance on market trends, investment strategies, and risk management, helping you to make informed decisions that maximize your investments' profit potential. With the right mentorship, you can navigate the complexities of real estate investing and achieve greater success.

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What will you learn from the Sub2Empire courses?

You will grow your real estate and financial intelligence.

Understand alternative funding sources, financial instruments, deal structuring, market trends, along with expert guidance to unlock opportunities and optimize financial strategies. Many of our real estate investing courses are extracted directly from the Sub2Empire Creative Finance Academy, our flagship mentorship program, so you can rest assured nothing about our individual courses is in any way "watered down".

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How do I know which courses are right for me?

Our courses provide training for all levels.

Our expertly crafted courses cater to beginners and seasoned investors alike, making our innovative creative financing strategies accessible to everyone. We provide expert advice at every turn of your journey. You will learn how to avoid the mistakes that we made when we got started, so that you can jumpstart real estate investing career without all of the pain associated with starting a new business.

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Will I need to purchase anything extra to complete a course?

We provide all documents and necessary resources in each course.

Every one of our courses comes with supporting documentation, such as agreements and necessary resources, for you to implement everything you learned. However, some courses may require you to contract with a third-party for services not rendered by Sub2Empire, such as marketing lists, that would be purchased from a list broker and various other services needed for running your real estate investing business. We'll provide the knowledge, you implement the strategies.

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Is there support for me after completing my course(s)?

Absolutely! Join our community of like-minded investors.

A vibrant community of real estate enthusiasts awaits you! Purchase a course and gain access to the SubHub Community, where you'll connect with supportive individuals, exchange insights, and embark on a collaborative journey towards real estate success. We DO NOT recommend you embark on this journey alone. This can be a tough business with many twists and turns. We want to support you at every turn.

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How will I benefit from taking a Sub2Empire Course?

Take control of your financial future.

Real estate investors seeking to diversify their investment portfolio and potentially enjoy high returns can benefit from our real estate investing courses. Those who wish to exert more control over their investment decisions and are eager to increase their cash flow towards achieving financial independence may find such programs particularly advantageous.

Beginners who lack experience in the field, as well as seasoned investors looking to refine their strategies and explore creative financing options, can also gain valuable insights and skills. Moreover, our real estate investing courses can assist people who recognize the importance of expert guidance and mentorship in navigating the complexities of the real estate market.

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Does Sub2Empire offer course bundles?

Yes, but we like to call them "Collections".

We proudly offer singular real estate investing courses, as well as entire collections of courses. You can select one course from a collection or you have the option of purchasing all of the courses in a collection at a lower "bundled" price.

Some of our bundled courses even come with free membership to our elite mentorship program, The Sub2Empire Creative Finance Academy.

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Would a mentorship program be a better fit for me?

Answer: It depends.

Real estate investing can be challenging, but effective leadership can help you achieve financial goals you never thought possible and bring greater fulfillment to your life beyond income. However, if you are just "kicking the tires", our mentorship program may not be for you. In fact, if you're not all-in on real estate investing as your preferred investment vehicle, then NO mentorship program will ever live up to your expectations and you will simply be wasting money.

At Sub2Empire, we don't just offer real estate investing advice, we offer something much more tangible... accountability.

Accountability is what drives progress. We coach and guide real estate entrepreneurs through the Sub2Empire Creative Finance Academy to be accountable to themselves. Once this skill is learned and mastered, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Click HERE to find out more about the Sub2Empire Creative Finance Academy.

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How do I find a quality real estate investing mentorship program?

The better question is "how do you avoid the bad mentorship programs?".

People, online "influencers" are NOT real estate investors. If you are taking ANY investment advice from online influencers, congratulations! You have discovered what NOT to do. These scoundrels have no problem taking your hard earned money and leaving you asking more questions than you ever have answered.

Here are some tips for picking a quality mentor:

  1. Are they doing deals?

    If the leader of the program you are researching isn't doing deals, they are simply regurgitating things s/he has picked up from other influencers. Don't be fooled. You only want to rub elbows with a coach/mentor who is actually doing deals, so ask any potential coach/mentor for proof (i.e. closing statements). You want to talk to someone who has done numerous deals. The total deal number is something you should feel comfortable enough to feel like that person is going to provide you legitimate coaching.

  2. How many years have they been a real estate investor?

    Becoming a successful real estate investor can take years to get to a point where someone is qualified enough to teach others how to mitigate the risks associated with real estate deals and actually guide a student through the rigors of getting a deal to the closing table. There are a lot of so-called "coaches" with very little experience under his/her belt in this business. Beware of anyone with less than a decade of experience doing real estate transactions.

  3. Is the "mentor" plastered all over social media?

    We see this every day. Real estate "gurus" and social media influencers giving out short-form real estate advice, packing our social media feeds with terrible advice. We've got news for you, these "gurus" spend more time trying to get you to buy their coaching programs than they spend actually doing deals. It's an absolute epidemic.

At Sub2Empire, we advertise through paid ads. Why? Because paid ads take very little time and effort to get in front of our prospective students. This allows us to get back to doing the things we're good at. DEALS! This is how we are able to provide the most comprehensive real estate investor education in the world.

The Sub2Empire Creative Finance Academy and Apprentice Program will always be about doing deals and growing our real estate portfolios, and you get to rub elbows with real, actual, investors. YES! Real people doing real deals. Click HERE to find out more about the Sub2Empire Creative Finance Academy.

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