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Looking for an edge to help you run your real estate investing business more professionally and efficiently? This list below contains all of the tools that we use on a daily basis in our own business. We have negotiated special rates for anyone who uses our referral links for products and services listed on this page. These links are normally reserved for our coaching students, but we have decided to pass these savings onto everyone who orders from this page.

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Direct mail marketing for real estate investors. REI PrintMail are experts at producing high-quality and high converting mail pieces for real estate investors.

Home of the exclusive "Sub2 Squad" Postcard. An incredibly affordable mail piece so you can mail more prospects!

  • Convert more leads by showing the prospect a picture of their property alongside a direct call-to-cation with AccuPix mailers
  • Encourage your prospects to respond to your mail piece via SMS and immediately respond using your automation software with AccuTXT
  • Need a high-converting mail list? REI PrintMail pulls data and market metrics from all over the United States and provides real estate investors with highly-targeted lists!
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Need access to accurate, reliable, and current real estate data and tools? PropStream is the all-in-one solution for you. PropStream is the defacto standard in big data aggregation.

Get a 14-day free trial when you sign up through Sub2 Empire!

  • Build mailing or cold-calling lists with dozens of search options directly inside the platform, or import your own list and let PropStream do the heavy lifting
  • Analyze your deals and make accurate offers by finding property, owner, mortgage and comparable information with ease inside every property record
  • Easily skip trace your prospects from within the system even if you have imported your own list
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List "stacking" on steroids! Property List Manager allows you to import dozens of lists into the platform and then compare those lists to see if your prospects show up on multiple lists. If they do, your prospect may have the propensity for being much more motivated to sell.  

  • Stack mailing or cold-calling lists to determine varying levels of seller motivation and then create a "master" list containing all of your best prospects
  • Skip trace your "master" list with up to date property owner information so that you can reach out to only the best prospects 
  • Stay safe by appending your lists with property owner email addresses and phone numbers that have been "Do Not Call" scrubbed

List Providers

Need a list for your next mailing or cold-calling campaign?

Here are our recommended list providers for. These are put together in no particular order as each service can provide different datasets.  

Click the pictures to visit each list provider's website.

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