Introduction to Subject-To Real Estate Investing

It's time to take the intimidation factor out of Subject-To Real Estate Investing. This introductory course will answer the big questions that are on your mind about subject-to investing and leave you with a clear understanding of the Subject-To process.

Here's what you'll learn:

Sub2Empire Introduction to Subject-to Investing

Start building your knowledge and expertise about creative financing with this essential foundational course.

This introductory course on Subject-to real estate investing was designed for anyone with limited exposure to the world of creative real estate investing. 

Subject-to investing is, by far, our most useful and profitable property acquisition strategy. You may have guessed that from our name "Sub2Empire"!

This course will introduce you to key concepts about the subject-to financing strategy and provide the following information:

  • Defining Subject-to Investing
  • The legalities of Subject-to Investing
  • Benefits of buying properties Subject-to
  • Pros and Cons of buying Subject-to
  • Common misconceptions about subject-to
  • The dreaded Due on Sale Clause
  • Relieving anxiety about funding your deals
  • Seller lead sources for immediate response

This Course Includes:

  • 45-minutes of on-demand video
  • 5 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Mobile and TV friendly formats

Here's what Gerardo R. had to say...

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