Negotiating With Sellers

The Art of Making Creative Offers

Have you ever wondered how other real estate investors have so much success in getting subject-to offers accepted by sellers? 
Have you caught yourself talking yourself out of doing a subject-to deal because you didn't know how to approach a seller about buying their house subject-to? You're not alone. Explaining what it means to buy a seller's house Subject-to comes with challenges because this method of buying houses is not widely known by most people trying to sell their house. 

Learn The #1 Strategy For Buying Houses Subject-To

We're going to help you remove any fears you have about making creative "Subject-To" offers through a proven system that we have dialed in over many years of buying houses using subject-to financing. We have forged our methods of negotiating with sellers into a finely-tuned system utilizing a little bit of science, psychology and good ole fashioned trial and error.

This system has worked for us time and time again and it will work for you too!

Here's what you'll get

  • Learn the exact process for pre-qualifying leads so that you're not going on dead end appointments and wasting precious time that you could be using to generate higher quality leads.
  • Lay the groundwork for presenting your offer(s) using strategies for determining multiple seller motivation levels and putting yourself in the best possible position for having your creative offer accepted.
  •  What to do and say at your seller appointments that all but guarantees a positive response from your seller. This is ninja stuff!
  • Learn to deal with seller objections like an absolute PRO! This is the most common reason for failure in the creative financing world. We're going to hold nothing back and show you exactly how we deal with sellers when they present objections to our creative offers! 

Debbie Smith

Jeff is very knowledgeable and detailed in all of his processes. Thank you for providing this information!  ~Debbie

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