Sub2 Empire Group Apprentice Program

Good News!

We are accepting new Sub2 Empire Apprentices right now

Group Apprentice Program Featured Highlights

  • Members Only Online Portal. Exclusive to members, the Apprentice Portal houses your entire real estate investing game plan. From meeting minutes to marketing tools and detailed instructions for starting, growing and scaling your business, the Apprentice Portal is your new real estate investing bible. Available 24/7!
  • Access To Our Private Lending Network. Don't let the lack of funds deter you from getting into this business. We have virtually eliminated that excuse by providing access to dozens of our own private lenders who are chomping at the bit to fund your deals.
  • Weekly Marketing Calls. Get those leads rolling in with proven industry leading marketing tactics and strategies. Whatever your skill level, we'll meet you where you're at and get you marketing efficiently and effectively. 
  • Weekly Networking and Deal Review. Never feel like your all alone in this again. We will analyze any deal you have on your plate as a group and help you determine the deal's greatest potential for profit.
  • Members Only Facebook Group. Got an urgent question that you need help with. This is a moderated Facebook group that is 100% dedicated to helping you get sound advice on anything related to your real estate investing business. It's also where you'll find all of the documentation you'll ever need to conduct your business operations.
  • Members Access To All Digital Courses. You will have access to all current and future courses published on for the life of your membership.
  • Access To All Recorded Calls / Videos. What's the use in having a call if you can't review it when you need it? You will get unrestricted access to all weekly calls as they become available.
  • Discounts On Marketing Materials, Supplies and Subscriptions. We have negotiated crazy rates with our partners and suppliers so that each of your hard earned dollars is put to use wisely.
  • Emergency Coaching Line. Get support when it really matters. If you're in a pinch and your deal is at risk, you can reach out to us using our emergency coaching line. We're happy to help!
  • Contract Template Library. A lot of people get hung up on the paperwork. We'll provide you with everything you need to get you started, regardless of the state you're operating in.
  • And much more!

No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Prerequisites For Joining


Discomfort, distractions and apathy are a very real problems for some business owners. New business owners are especially vulnerable to these issues because many of them never realized how hard it is to start and run a successful business.  To be a member, you must possess the passion and perseverance to complete long-term, meaningful goals. 


Unfailing integrity is of utmost importance to us at Sub2 Empire. The lack of integrity is a fast track to failure for any business owner. Integrity is the cornerstone of our organization. All members must possess this trait, no questions asked.


Your willingness to work with others can sometimes be a tough pill to swallow because in many situations, we all have a core belief that we can do everything ourselves. This attitude has no place in your business. You must be willing to work and share with others whether you benefit from the circumstances or not.

Positive Mental Attitude

You must possess a positive mental attitude to be a member of the Sub2 Empire Apprentice Group. We rely heavily on members to help lift each other up when things don't go our way. Your positive attitude will help to direct the group as a whole to bigger and better outcomes.  

No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Our Commitment To You...

If you choose to accept this challenge, we promise to offer you top-notch training and mentorship that will get you and your real estate investing business real results.  This is not some stripped down coaching program. This is our 100% full-fledge, content rich, group coaching and mentorship program. 

The monthly program membership fee of $129 per person. No other fees will be assessed. The monthly fee will be automatically debited every month thereafter via ACH or credit card  for the life of your membership*. You may cancel your membership at any time. 

We ask that each new student consider each of the following before signing up:

  • Adherence To Core Values - This is non-negotiable. Every member must possess our core values (Grit, Integrity & Collaboration)
  • 6-month Commitment - this will provide you the appropriate amount of time to implement all of our systems, strategies and marketing plans. We have seen the most traction gained in other apprentices businesses right around the 6-month mark. Of course, you're welcome to remain a member as long as you like.
  • Computer Literacy - Approximately 85% of everything we implement in this apprenticeship is performed on a computer. While we will instruct apprentices on how to implement our systems, we do not teach computer literacy. You must know how to navigate your own computer.
  • Marketing Budget - We do not set a minimum marketing budget amount for our apprentices, however we highly recommend that each apprentice has a minimum of $300 - $500 to apply to his/her marketing efforts each month. You can get by with less if you're willing to trade your time for marketing efforts, but having access to SOME capital will make your journey a whole lot easier to navigate.

Is This Apprenticeship For Me?

Only you can decide if you're ready to take the next step in your evolution as a business owner and real estate investor. We at Sub2 Empire believe in full disclosure and are inclined to inform you the following:

  1. We do not accept every applicant. If you don't possess ALL of the prerequisite requirements to become one of our apprentices listed above, it's probably best that you do not apply.
  2. Members of our apprentice program will be challenged to get uncomfortable... really uncomfortable. From marketing for a deal to closing the deal, you have to be ready and willing to step outside of your comfort zone and do the things that others refuse to do.
  3. Deciding to be a business owner can have it's ups and downs. Tough decisions have to be made almost daily inside your real estate investing business. You don't have to "go it alone" though. We can help. You just have to be open to receive our help.
  4. This apprenticeship will benefit you whether you are already a full-time real estate investor just looking to continue your journey into creative financing, or a beginner who may be working a W-2 job and is looking to supplement his or her income, or dump the W-2 altogether.
  5.  You may remain a member for as long as you wish, but we ask for a six month commitment from each of our apprentices. This amount of time gives us the greatest chances for implementation of our strategies and processes and, ultimately, your success.
  6. You must be computer literate. Much of what we do is done online and/or on our own computers. We will be discussing and implementing strategies using computer terminology. If you require computer training, we advise that you seek that out before applying.
  7. While there is no minimum requirement for participation in group calls, we recommend that you make an attempt to attend every call that your time will allow. We will make every call recording available for review for the lifetime of your membership, but it would benefit you most to be part of the "live" calls. Jeff Transparent Background

Why An Apprenticeship?

When I got started in this business, I had an intense desire to work for myself. I was hungry for a change in my life. I knew I had the grit and determination needed to be successful at anything I put my mind to. The one thing I didn't have...

An education in real estate investing!

This apprenticeship is being offered to those who share that same determination that I do and who have the wits, courage and attitude to do something BIG! To make a name for him or herself. To build a lasting legacy and generational wealth. I built it for people like you!